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Development Requires Planning
Each Borough President is mandated by the NYC Charter to establish a Planning Office to assist in the planning, improvement, development and review of land use matters affecting the borough. Functions include:

  • Review and analysis of applications and proposals for the use, development or improvement of land within the borough.
  • Conduct public hearings every three weeks at Borough Hall to receive testimony on all Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) and Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) applications affecting the borough.
  • Coordinate the preparation and submission of the Borough President's recommendations on land use applications to the City planning Commission (CPC), BSA and the City Council.
  • Review and comment on the annual Citywide Statement of Needs to ensure that the priorities of community boards and the borough as a whole are identified and included in the City's overall plan to site facilities in the next two fiscal years.
  • Preparation of the borough's Strategic Policy Statement (SPS) every four years, identifying significant long-term issues, policy goals to address the issues and proposed strategies to meet those goals.

Land Use Hearing Schedule
Members of the public, including developers, are invited to present any proposed changes to the Borough's Land Use during a regularly scheduled Land Use Hearing.
See the Event Calendar for scheduled hearings

Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP)
Everything related to land use -- from changing a map through selecting a site -- must go through an established government procedure. This process, as well as the schedule of hearings and responses, are contained in a diagram in Adobe PDF format.

Current Projects
The City of New York publishes a list of road, sewer and water main projects for each borough. To review all projects, scroll down for the Queens Section.
Click here for Current Projects.

Check this page or the 'Helpful Links' below for the land use answers you may be looking for.
Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Accurate maps are essential for developers, residents and civil authorities. A wide variety of maps are produced by the City of New York and by our Topographic Department.
Click here to order maps of Queens.

Strategic Policy
The Borough President plays an important role in shaping development and land use within the borough's boundaries, weighing important factors affecting zoning, transportation and pollution, among others.
Contact the Borough for the latest Strategic Policy Statement at

Contact the Office
The Planning and Development Office is here to help answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to contact us via the numbers below.
Tel: 1-718-286-2860 or Fax: 1-718-286-3159

Dept of City Planning Department of City Planning
Dept of Buildings Department of Buildings
Board of Standards and Appeals Board of Standards & Appeals
Bureau of Census Bureau of Census
Dept of Transportation Department of Transportation
Landmarks Preservation Commission Landmarks Preservation Commission


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