20180522.Queens Borough Hall Iftar

20180522.PS 140 Playground ribbon cutting

20180518.Comptroller DiNapoli Economic Snapshot

20180329.Women's History Month celebration

20180323.Greek Independence Day celebration
20180320.Queens Day in Albany with the Chamber of Commerce

20180314.National School Walkout at Cardozo High School

20180306.Lunar New Year Celebration
20180303.St. Patrick's Day
20180226.Black History Month celebration
20171227.Kwanzaa Celebration
20170920.Hurricane Relief with The Mets

20170822.Women's Plaza Unveiling and Dedication
20170817.India Independence Day

20170814.Pakistan Independence Day

20170812.Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York

20170806.Ecuadorian Parade
20170628.LGBTQ Pride Month Celebration

20170627.Community Board Awards Ceremony
20170606.Iftar at Borough Hall

20170518.Guyana Independence Celebration