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Susie Tanenbaum
Director, Immigrant and Intercultural Affairs
[email protected]

Timothy Chubinidze
Special Assistant on Immigrant and Intercultural Affairs
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Queens, “The World’s Borough”

Queens is the most diverse county in the United States. With almost half of our nearly 2.4 million residents born abroad, our neighborhoods are home to families that speak close to 200 languages and come from nearly as many countries as those represented at the United Nations. Indeed, Queens is “the World’s Borough”, and what happens here serves as a model for the future of our great nation.  The Borough President sees our diversity as an asset that helps shape the priorities of his administration.


The Borough President is committed to promoting integration of newcomers and to bringing all community leaders to the table for dialogue and networking. He also recognizes the need to partner with diverse communities to oppose discrimination of any kind. The Borough President accomplishes these goals through the following initiatives and resources:



The Borough President’s Queens General Assembly promotes greater understanding among civic leaders of diverse cultures, faiths, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and generations who live and work in the borough. 

Through cross-cultural exchanges and discussions about “quality of life”
issues, the delegates share perspectives, engage in problem-solving, learn
facilitation skills, and report back to their respective communities.  The Borough President and his Queens General Assembly also cosponsor a Hate Crimes Forum with the Queens District Attorney’s Office, which is open to the general public.

Appointed by the Borough President, delegates on the Queens General Assembly welcome the opportunity to make presentations, facilitate workshops, and engage in dialogue with Queens residents in schools, houses of worship, and other community settings.

For more information, contact Susie Tanenbaum, the Borough President’s Director of Immigrant & Intercultural Affairs, at (718) 286-2741 or [email protected].


The Task Force serves as a unique bridge between immigrant communities and local government.  It provides a vital forum for social service providers, community advocates, and government agency representatives to exchange best practices on immigrant integration work in Queens and New York City. 

Monthly meetings feature guest speakers with wide-ranging expertise, which offers Task Force members access to resources and establishes partnerships that enable them to more efficiently serve thousands of immigrant New Yorkers.

In this current political climate, the Task Force also hosts trainings with attorneys and advocates on how to protect and empower immigrants regardless of legal status. Additional Task Force activities include Immigration Resource Fairs and Know Your Rights legal clinics. The Task Force also has participated in the Mayor’s Immigrant Heritage Week.

Eligible member organizations are non-profit organizations and government agencies located throughout the borough and city. Designated representatives who attend the Task Force meetings actively engage in immigrant integration work in Queens.

For more information on the Task Force’s meetings and activities, contact Susie Tanenbaum, Director of Immigrant & Intercultural Affairs, at (718) 286-2741or [email protected] or Timothy Chubinidze, Special Assistant on Immigrant & Intercultural Affairs, at (718) 286-2649 or [email protected].


The decennial Census was a top priority for the Borough President and the people of Queens in 2020, as the response rate determines how much federal funding we receive and how much representation we will have in the U.S. House of Representatives for the next ten years.

For more information on the efforts of the Queens Borough President’s Office to ensure Queens was fairly and accurately counted in the 2020 Census, click here.


The Borough President sponsors about 20 official cultural heritage events throughout the year, and cosponsors many more. Find out about upcoming events through our Queens Calendar.