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For more information, please contact:

Mohammed Sadiq, P.E.
Chief Engineer

The history of the Queens Topographical Bureau goes back to 1898, when Queens was consolidated into the City of New York and the Office of the Borough President was established.

Functions of the Topographical Bureau include

  • Prepare and review of alternation map, damage map and acquisition map.
  • Certify the legal status of streets.
  • Assign addresses and certify new building construction and alteration.
  • Maintain and make available various map resources under the care of the Borough President to the public and other governmental agencies.
  • Maintain the borough’s Survey Monument System and provide public access to monument and benchmark records and information.
  • Monitor capital projects in the borough and provide technical assistance with respect to construction projects

The Topographical Bureau has four major divisions

  • Engineering and Mapping Division
  • Detailed Grades Division
  • House Numbers and Reports Division
  • Records Room Division